About Us

I began Linseed Studio as a small freelance graphic design business in 2010 and managed to work successfully with a number of clients on mostly web-related projects. Around 2015 I discovered online marketplaces such as Noun Project and Creative Market where designers were offering a wide scope of work as tools which other designers could use to enhance their own work. While continuing to work one on one with clients, I decided to pursue this new venue and found it to be well suited to my lifestyle as a working artist.

I began creating custom and ready-to-buy design assets such as icon sets, hand-drawn vector illustrations and fonts which drew on my past experience as an Illustrator and a life-long interest in typography. I felt revitalized as a graphic designer because I was actually concentrating on work I was passionate about and had total freedom to make whatever I wanted.

Since 2015, our products have been downloaded and used by countless designers all over the world in their own projects. Our goal remains making high quality work that we’d want to use in our own designs available to anyone.

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